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Frequently Asked Questions

At Roach Morgan-Jones we often get asked questions about our services, taxation, business advice and accounting in general.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help clients and small business owners get the most out of their accounting services.

If there is anything else you need to know, please get in touch with our office!

As a business owner, do I need an accountant?

Accountants do a lot more than just your financial statements and tax returns. Accountants can assist you through many different stages of your business growth, from developing a business plan, establishing a company, finance applications and assessment of your business performance. The role of your accountant is to be your trusted advisor and support your journey in running your business.

I want to change accountants, is it hard to do?

The decision to change accountants is never an easy one to make. Small business owners can spend years developing a relationship with their accountant. Like any relationship sometimes you may find that you’re not on the same page or you’re seeking further advice and guidance than what you’re currently getting.


There are a number of steps you can follow to ensure an easy and smooth transition from old to new.


  1. Interview a few accountants – do your research, shop around, take your time. Consider their expertise, service offering, price (ask for a quote) and what they can add to your business.

  2. Advising the old accountant – If you think it could be a difficult conversation to have you are under no obligation to speak to them. Your new accountant will advise your old accountant of the change via a professional letter.

  3. Transition to new accountant – once both parties have been informed you have the green light change over.

How do I know if an accountant is the right one for me?


No two accountants are the same. Just like any other professional, accountants can specialise in different areas and have different personalities. It’s critical you feel you can communicate with your accountant and ask questions.


It’s important to know what you want as a business owner, before you start shopping around for a new accountant.


Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:


  • Know Your Needs - What accounting services do you need? What accounting software do you use? Can my new accountant work with it?

  • Check Their Qualifications - Are they a Chartered Accountant? Or a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)? Ensure they are experienced and undergo continuing professional development.

  • Location, Location, Location - Do you need to see your accountant face-to-face? Or can you achieve your goals via email or phone? Does the accountant offer services remotely?

  • Client Reviews - What do their clients say? Have they been recommended?


Will changing accountants save me tax?


A good accountant will endeavour to reduce your tax bill as much as legally possible. This is achieved through implementing the most relevant structures and proper safeguards. It’s also their job to look after your needs as a business owner and provide support when needed.

I don’t live near my accountant’s office, do I need to live close by?

Gone are the days of hiring the local accountant down the street. Thanks to technology there’s no geographical limit on accessing accounting services. These days, many accountants offer their services remotely, but the ground rules should be laid out from the get go in order for the relationship and exchange of information to be successful.

What areas does RMJ service?

Roach Morgan-Jones Accountants and Business Advisors provide accounting and taxation services right across NSW. We have offices in Tamworth, Narrabri and Sydney. While we do offer our services remotely via zoom meetings, we endeavour to meet with all of our clients in face to face meetings. Both our Narrabri and Sydney offices are serviced on a regular basis.

What services do RMJ offer?


Roach Morgan-Jones provides a full suite of accounting and taxation services, as well as specific business advisory packages. We can help your business prepare financial statements, stay on top of taxation obligations and provide bookkeeping assistance. We can also assist in getting your new businesses off the ground, provide a financial analysis of your current business and give you advice on taxation structure and management accounting.

What is RMJ’s fee structure?


At Roach Morgan-Jones Accountants and Business Advisors our fee structures are tailored to suit each client, based on their needs and goals. All our fees are quoted upfront to ensure no hidden costs for clients and any additional costs will be communicated before work is undertaken.

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