NSW Government 2020 Drought Package

In 2020-2021 the NSW Government will spend a further $310-million in drought assistance. This money will be used to extend existing stimulus measures, like the Drought Transport Subsidy and provide more mental health support to those impacted by drought.

The extended support for drought affected communities and farmers includes;

  • $116 million to continue the Drought Transport subsidy

  • $99 million to continue waiving of Local Land Services rates, bee site permits, Western Lands lease rent, wild dog fence rates and provide assistance for vehicle registration costs for eligible primary producers

  • $28.5 million to continue existing water licence fee waivers for stock, domestic, general and high security water users

  • Continuation of health and wellbeing programs, including the Farmgate Counsellors program, Aboriginal wellbeing services and Royal Flying Doctors Far West Drought Support programs.

There's also been changes made to the Drought Assistance Fund, which provides interest free loans to help primary producers implement systems and practices to mange and respond to the impacts of drought. The loans can be used for transporting stock, fodder and water, genetic banking of breeding herds and installing on-farm fodder and water infrastructure. 

From 01 July 2020 NSW Government has lifted the cap for the Drought Assistance Fund to $100,000 per primary producer.

You can find more information about the Drought Assistance Fund here.

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